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Mr. Prashant Tiwari


This is an exciting time for us as we have added another venture of entertainment to our portfolio. Our very first project in production being Meeruthiya Gangsters which is directed by Zeishan Quadri. Besides production we have entered into the Distribution domain as well, our leading project being Dilwale and lately we pioneered in All India Release with the mega successful film, Airlift followed by the romantic saga, Sanam Re. We are committed to provide best quality information and entertainment that our viewers expect. With our fingers ingrained firmly on the pulses of our audiences, we are emerging as one of the biggest entertaining group giving the overall entertainment ecosystem a whole new dimension. Prateek Entertainments is very well connected with reputed film makers, senior industry experts along with media and entertainment professionals. We intend to deliver charismatic and effectual world-class films, further providing opportunities to fresh talent and new stars. We aspire to usher new waves in media and entertainment fragment.


Mr. Prateek Tiwari

Managing Director

We are pleased that Prateek Group has uncovered its new company, Prateek Entertainments, to cater to the aspirations of audiences from unified world of entertainment. Prateek Entertainments produced its first film, Meeruthiya Gangsters, a vivacious movie featuring many renowned Bollywood actors. We ventured into the challenging field of Film Distribution with iconic films like Dilwale, Airlift and Sanam Re. For us, it is just the beginning and we still have a long way to go. Coming up with fresh and refreshing content is our determination and we would explore new boundaries of global media and entertainment industry for the sheer experience of our audiences. Originality, passion and creativity form the very core of our every creation. Delivering unsurpassed results to all our spectators and stakeholders is what we aim for. Our novel division, Prateek Entertainments is all set to unveil new panoramas of entertainment industry.


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